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With a suitcase as my constant travel companion I bring back more memories, experiences and exciting stories from every trip. Reliving those moments feeds my passion for travelling and calls for new adventures.

I’m delighted to be American Tourister’s brand ambassador. As an avid traveller myself, I love the brand, its innate energy and their high quality suitcases that allow you to express your personality.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Global Brand Ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo Global Brand Ambassador

Cristiano Ronaldo - Global Brand Ambassador

Cristiano Ronaldo’s suitcase: Soundbox

This award-winning suitcase from our Soundbox collection is secure, resistant and light! The vibrant and eye-catching design will really cause a stir whenever you travel. The expandability feature provides you with lots of space to safely pack all your belongings. Combined with a fixed TSA lock, 4 smooth rolling double wheels and handy inside organisation all help to make this a first rate suitcase choice!

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  • Lightweight polypropylene suitcase

  • Trendy and playful design

  • 3 digit TSA lock for extra security

  • More packing space when needed

  • Double wheels for smooth rolling comfort

Cristiano Ronaldo’s suitcase: Soundbox
Cristiano Ronaldo
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